The mural at Stoner family park at Merrimac on Yugambeh country shows the landscape of the area and the changes in it post colonisation. This area was swamp land rich with wildlife and food which has been drained through the building of canals throughout the Gold Coast. In this work I have made reference to the rich cultural heritage of the swamp areas which were so dramatically altered so as they could be farmed in a western way. This particular property was turned into Diary Farm and more recently donated to the community by the Stoner family. You can see the dingo image and footprints to connect the current activities in this park which is a place today for dogs and their owners to meet up. Stoner Family Park is now a wonderful Neighborhood dog park with a strong friendly community vibe and still holds reminders of it’s rich swampy past.

The circles in the design represent different ways of seeing as well as the lagoons that were present on this swamp country that held water over flow from the mountains to the rivers. The colour change inside the circles tell the story of the filtration of the water that happened through these swamp areas.

Artists: Mz Murricod, Dingo by Scott Hastings.

Volunteers Young Emerging Artists on Project: Jackii Thearle Nina Rae Smith and John Bennet.