This work was installed in Dhanamenta2 – a curated exhibition at The Walls gallery, Miami, Gold Coast.

I collected  the sand and mud from Tallebudgerra Creek a meeting place on Yugambeh/Bundjalung country . I let the creek talk up.  I just waded through the water in the morning and listened to it while I collected materials. I then put the mud and sand on a road in Miami, not far from Jebrebellum Bora. I let the river mud and sand talk up through the bitumen. I was aksed to protec6t the installation from the traffic and I placed the road cones down and I watched and listen to the conversation. I watched Aboriginal lore speak to white law. I wrote custodian in fluro orange paint. I wondered if I should write custody. I looked, listened and understood the work I think It’s about how custodianship of the land is managed under white law – it’s about how I see and hear country through the bitumen. Maybe it says HAZARD Maybe it says ALREADY OCCUPIED.