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Your REDUCE GREED: STOP REVIVE SURVIVE shirt is an artist made shirt designed by Quandamooka artist of Moreton bay in Qld, and a descendant of the Ngugi people from Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) living on Yugambeh country, on the Gold Coast, Qld Australia.  

The proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go toward the call for the restoration of First Nations custodianship of our fresh-water-ways: the rivers, creeks, lagoons, channels and wetlands that are currently threatened with imminent extinction.   Libby is currently researching phasing out cotton and investigating the most carbon neutral and water saving material to print her garments on. Some garments will be on remaining Gilden cotton stock and others will either be printed on organic cotton or Salvage recycled material t-shirts depending on availability of product and sizing.  


5XL = 81cm x 89cm
4XL = 76cm x 86cm
3XL = 71cm x 84cm
2XL = 66cm x 81cm
XL = 61cm x 79cm
L = 56cm x 76cm
M = 51cm x 74cm
S = 46cm x 71cm

2XL = 66cm x 74cm
XL = 61cm x 71cm
L = 56cm x 69cm
M = 51cm x 66cm
S = 46cm x 64cm (also fits Youth)

L = 48 x 64cm (also fits small Adult)